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The status of Liberty (9 1/2')

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About Our Products
Since we are an importer and a manufacturer of souvenir, we have our develop team. All products we have are designed by ourselves, we own the copyrights and design paterns.

Our products include sculpture, key rings, clocks, magnets and mugs etc., which are made of polcelain, metal or PVC.

We also have a large selection of New York charms made of sterling silver and 14k gold.

New Items
We always have new products coming, for new products, check new item.

Special Items
Those products are designed for our customer, they are not for sale.

Please contact us for price information.

Check Support for detail


Special Items
    Our develop team consist of highly skilled artists and the most talented computer designers, who will bring our highest qaulity of work to you. We can also put your ideas and imaginations to life.

  New Items
    Our company employ the most talented sculptors, who bring the tinest of details into our products. And give our products a life like quality. They specailize in miniture statues, large to life like statues (available in bronze, resin, and marble), hand paint frames with interior scuplt work (oil painting like), 3d magnets, 3D sculpture clocks and much, much more.

  Coming Soon


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